Move Project

Managing teams and processes

Appointing a team


At the commencement of any project, there may be a need to identify an architect, banking for finance or source marketing expertise. This is where we come in…

Maintain focus


Working from a preliminary plan, we focus on time and budgetary factors, and maintain a tight control on both

Punctual delivery


We provide regular updates and achievable timescales so our clients can rely on specified delivery dates

The finances


Budget control is paramount. We tightly monitor project finances throughout the process

move project

Managing a team that works together to deliver a project that will eventually become a client’s home, is both a fun and challenging process. Collaborating with experienced property developers to deliver on time and on budget is deeply satisfying.

Fabian Delle

Development Consulting

Fabian Delle, managing director of Move Project, began professional life in his home country of Germany. With early success in the transport and fitness industries, he became proficient in the identification and development of new sites and a specialist in project management.
He went on to collaborate with a well-known commercial property developer in the UK, gaining further experience working with teams from varied backgrounds. In time he came to concentrate on property development, with particular emphasis on the luxury market.
He relishes the challenge of following a project from inception to completion, working in close cooperation with fellow professionals to deliver a product that surpasses expectations.


Technicians and engineers

Developing the brief to successful execution is a complex and challenging process, so we collaborate only with top professionals in their field. The technical architect is crucial to this and plays a vital role within the team

Design team

On most projects, design is led by the client and the appointed architect. On occasion, interior designers or engineers are also involved in the process. We facilitate communication with a wide range of design professionals

Accounting and legal advice

Working with predominantly overseas clients, accounting and legal advice is vital. We perform regular reviews to prevent error and unnecessary cost


On commercial projects, marketing is vital. We work only with the most respected marketing teams in their field: effective communication is key

Our Services



From thought to finish

Do you have a project in mind, or are looking to invest in property? We are here to organise land acquisition, construction and hand-over, or help you market your project for sale


Team building

Everyone involved

It is difficult to appreciate how many professionals are involved in a project. From real estate agents and lawyers to architects and constructors – are they all speaking the same language?


Financial control

Realistic budget control

A project cannot be budgeted on price per square metre alone. Financial planning determines the success of a project, therefore this vital aspect needs to be closely examined and tightly maintained