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Top-3 things when choosing a Marbella property or plot

When buying a property or looking for a plot of land to build on, there are certain points to look out for anywhere in the world, in addition to which it helps to know a little about the local characteristics and market in the location you’ve set your sights on. If the latter is Marbella, we’ve got some pointers for you.

Move Project is an experienced specialist firm that project manages the construction and completion of private and commercial projects ranging from individual villas to apartment complexes, offices and student accommodation. In the process over the years we’ve been delivering projects on-time and on budget, and we’ve built up some expertise, which we like to share.

  1. Location

Well, you know what they say: location, location, location. It’s true, the first consideration when looking at a property to buy and certainly a plot suitable for building your own home, remains its setting. Here are some of the criteria against which you should evaluate any property or plot:

· Access – is it easy to get to, and also conveniently close to amenities that are important to you, such as shops, restaurants, nightlife, schools, sports clubs, beaches, etc?
· Setting – is the setting attractive, with gardens, well-maintained roads and pavements, good lighting and pleasant surroundings?
· Views – are there good sea, golf or country views, or a combination of these, and are they protected from future construction that could block your outlook?
Orientation – is the property south-west to south-east facing, with enough but not too much sun?

  1. Characteristics

Depending on your taste and personal needs and preferences, you will judge the property or plot on the basis of:

· Style – do you like the design and interior distribution of the property?
· Amenities – are there enough bedrooms/bathrooms and features such as heating/air conditioning, swimming pools, terraces and gardens, or possibly a modern kitchen, spa/gym, etc?
· Plot – is the plot suitable for construction, or will a steep slope or geological issues add to costs?
· Suitability – is the property suitable to your preferred lifestyle, and is the plot suitable to the kind of property you want to build?

  1. Price

Ultimately, if the home or plot of land stands up to all the above questions in terms of setting and suitability, then you will most likely be interested in it – at the right price. So make sure to check the following:

· Clarity – make sure that the price is the final one, with no added hidden costs or complications
· Financing – review financing and fiscal options, even if you can buy the real estate in question outright
· Reference – compare the nominal price and the price/m2 with similar properties in the area and in other potentially interesting areas to see if it seems like good value
· Negotiation – it always pays to check whether there is room for negotiation – in property transactions this is often the case

If you’ve successfully acquired a property or piece of land for building, a whole new set of questions will arise about how to design and construct a new home, or maybe embellish or renovate an existing one.

Move Project is expert at guiding and managing the process for you, from initial fact-finding orientation to final completion, whether for personal usage or investment. Contact us, we’re happy to share our know-how with you.