Move Project

How do we add value to your project?

A construction project – be it a single villa or a large development – brings together professionals from a variety of fields and disciplines. These include architects, surveyors, engineers, home automation and lighting specialists, builders and their teams of construction workers, interior designers, landscapers, suppliers of materials, lawyers, tax advisors and more. 

That’s a whole lot of individual people and companies to coordinate – which someone has to do, and efficiently, if the project is to be a success, and unless you are already a seasoned developer and have a well-oiled machine of experienced professionals at your disposal it can be somewhat daunting to do this alone, especially if you’re not Spanish and not familiar with the local laws, regulations and methods of getting things done.

So how does Move Project add value to your project, big or small? By becoming your well-oiled machine.

Professional project management

You see, we are expert curators of property construction and development projects in Marbella and other parts of the Costa del Sol. In other words: a specialised project management company made up of experienced professionals skilled at coordinating large and small projects, and the various teams that realise them. You could compare it to being the conductor of an orchestra, as it requires the ability to plan, synchronise and quality control every step of an at times complex process.

The service we offer is modular, meaning that we can provide professional support and consultancy from the earliest stages through to final completion and delivery – and different segments in-between. This includes helping to source the land, develop the project concept, provide feasibility studies and arrange for land surveyors, architectural and construction tenders, presentation of the plans to the local planning authorities for building permits, and of course managing the building project and quality control so that it is delivered on time, on budget and to the standards set out.

In this we coordinate teams of designers, technicians, builders, suppliers, legal and fiscal advisors, as well as providing full marketing services for the commercialisation of projects. In all the above, we work seamlessly with proven professionals, planning, choreographing and managing the process with German precision.

Speak to us and find out just how we can provide solutions for your project.