Move Project

Transforming an older Marbella property into a smart tech home

At Move Project we firmly believe in making the most of what you already have in a property, and that a dramatic change can be achieved by remodelling the interior of an older home. This can actually be a more pleasing alternative to selling a once loved home. In fact there are plenty of upgrades we could recommend that will make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Buyers want smart tech homes
A remodelling is the perfect moment to install some of the latest in smart home technology. The smart home market is growing, and many companies are starting to offer products that integrate seamlessly into the design of an existing house. It is also a good investment, as Houzz discovered during a survey. It found that 28% of respondents put “smart home tech” at the top of the list of their priorities, and in the luxury property market smart tech features are quite simply expected nowadays. These features include: USB ports in the kitchen for easy recharging of phones and other gadgets; a home automation system for controlling all the devices in the house; built-in speakers and home security systems.

Rethink the electricals
Rethinking the electrical wiring can also be a bonus. It is likely that the current wiring in an older property is not fit for purpose in an era where we all have so many devices. When a home is being renovated and the walls are opened up, it is the perfect time to add structured wiring such as Ethernet for a better ‘wireless’ experience in the home, and provide more points for connecting devices.

Save money with a smart thermostat
Adding a smart thermostat can reduce heating/cooling bills. It could reduce your bills by around 12-15% and will pay for itself within three years. We can also redesign the lighting so that it too reduces your energy use and adds to your accumulating cost savings over time.

If you would like to know more about how Move Project can assist you with the transformation of an older property, please contact us; we’ll be delighted to talk to you about our service.