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Luís Bustamante: master of interior design

Move Project approaches each design and build project with essentially the same ethos: working in a collaborative way to create an exceptional property alongside the best professionals in the industry. Our team has been fortunate to share projects with some of the most respected creative minds in the world, including the internationally renowned Luís Bustamante, a true master of interior design.

Bustamante’s innovative work is the result of his early passion for sculpture and painting, which allowed him to develop a unique, beautiful style for designing home interiors. He carefully blends contemporary modern aesthetics with the classical arts to balance the perspective of every room or space that he works on.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in fine arts at the University of Complutense in Madrid, Bustamante worked diligently within the art world, creating exceptional pieces of sculpture and paintings. After a successful period as an artist he moved into the world of interior design, where he operated in both Barcelona and Mexico, becoming a renowned professional in the industry.

Now, with an established practice in Madrid, he and his team have undertaken residential, commercial and ephemeral projects for assignments in New York, Miami, London, Gstaad, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, as well as of course Spain.

Move Project had a great opportunity to work with Luís Bustamante on the Villa Santa Barbara, a remarkable property within the prestigious Marbella Club development, located beachfront in the prime address of Marbella.

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About Luís Bustamante
Luís Bustamante is an international award-winning designer and art specialist whose headquarters are based in Madrid. His background in painting and sculpture allows his interior design work to transmit his passion for blending contemporary and classical designs.

About Move Project
Move Project brings together exceptional professionals within the property development industry to collaborate on exclusive, creative development projects.