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Home automation improves quality of life

A bold statement indeed! How can it be said that technology in the home can improve one’s quality of life? We have managed perfectly well for many years without gadgets connected to smart-phones, so what could the new technology of domotics possibly have to offe­r us? Carry on reading to find out!

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Financial benefits
Saving money is obviously one of the most desired benefits to home automation. New homes installed with modern systems are able to carry out a whole array of functions to reduce energy consumption and therefore bills. Simple tasks such as closing blinds during the heat of the day, to sophisticated systems that can decide whether to use energy from solar panels or the national grid depending on time of day and cost, can make great differences in consumption levels and expenditure.

Improved wellbeing
It’s not just your financial health that can be improved, but also your physical and mental wellbeing. Air temperature can be maintained at a constant level and its quality analysed and improved according to the results, while even lighting can be programmed to adjust to the owner’s mood. Peace of mind can be achieved through complex security systems that employ infra-red, motion sensors and cameras to ensure safety as well as remotely checking on deliveries or home inhabitants.

Convenience at the touch of a button
Many functions may seem frivolous yet their existence aims to make life simpler. Of course you can run your own bath, but how nice would it be to get up from the sofa and find the bath drawn and waiting for you? A fridge that monitors its contents and lets you know when you are running low on milk – or better yet, orders the milk for you online – isn’t something you desperately need, but nevertheless means that you need never again suffer the inconvenience of having to take your coffee black in the morning!

These are just some of the benefits of domotics and their prevalence looks set to rise – according to Bosch, 2025 will see each home fitted with up to 50 connected devices. Move Projects is enthusiastic about the technological advances being made in home automation and is looking forward to seeing what the future brings. Contact us to discuss constructing your own high-convenience home!