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Build projects in Marbella: managing deadlines and budgets

Whether you take a build project in Marbella on yourself, or hand it over to a specialised project management company, there is no escaping the importance of budget and deadline management, for these are two of the principal components of building a personal home or undertaking property development on a commercial level.

The reason for this is that, once you have acquired the land, developed the project concept and received planning permission for it, the single most important factor is control. Quality control, procedural control, budgetary control and time management.

The way to achieve this is to work with a company that follows tried and proven protocols and procedures that ensure good, professional practice in the fields of construction, engineering, installation, materials handling, logistics, time management, snagging and testing, budget control and dealing with third party professionals and suppliers.

“We exact procedures, invest in the required equipment and software systems, and we work with experienced and qualified staff. Along with careful project planning and day-to-day management of the process, this is how we keep on top of everything that happens and can control the process meticulously and respond promptly to any situations that might arise,” says Fabian Delle, CEO of Move Project in Marbella.

When you’re coordinating a project as complex as the construction of a house or development, you need full control over other professionals such as architects, builders, technicians, engineers, lighting specialists and landscapers or interior designers. Each quantity calculation of supplies has to be verified, prices negotiated and carefully coordinated delivery dates managed down to the hour, to ensure that no delays, unnecessary costs and technical problems arise.

Good, detailed project management planning is the key to the process, but even this can sometimes not avoid an unforeseen situation arising, and here again the project management company proves its value by handling it swiftly and effectively.

“If you have all things clear we stay on top of cost and time management by itemising all the expenses and breaking the project down into carefully planned stages—and of course we use the latest software management systems available,” says Fabian, “along with an experienced, dedicated team of people.”

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