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Investment versus Private Projects

The difference between investment projects and private villa builds is not so obvious at first glance. After all, both involve the acquisition of a suitable site, architectural design, planning application, construction, landscaping, decoration and detailing. Yes, but the details behind all these actions and choices vary greatly, because the reasons for building are distinct.

Emotion versus Business

Indeed, the very essential difference between a private villa build and an investment project could be summed up as ‘emotion versus business’. Of course, a private homebuilder will also be using their good judgement to ensure that the property they commission is not only beautiful, but also practical, on-time, on-budget and a good investment should they ever wish to sell it at a later date.

By the same token, many developers are increasingly passionate about what they do, and really quite emotionally involved in the process, although naturally the figures have to make sense and the risk and return factors in sync before they will proceed. For this reason there are more elements that are involved in an investment-driven development project than a private one, but before we move on to them let’s look at the basic principles.

Main Steps

We are often approached by both kinds of homebuilders to source the type of land they are looking for. Both have in common that they make use of our local network of contacts and market knowledge not only to find building land but also to report back on its suitability, desirability, long-term price prospects and of course its selling price, as well as any characteristics such as cost of building on it.

Private clients usually seek somewhat smaller parcels of land, from around 500m2 to several thousand, while a developer will in the majority of cases want to build more than one home for sale, and therefore requires a substantial amount of land. They may also want to add specific amenities, such as a gated guard house, a communal swimming pool, spa or even a clubhouse, whereas an end-user client is looking for a private residence or second home.

This doesn’t mean they never rent out the property as a commercial enterprise, but more often than not our role is to:

– Source the right kind of land with the client’s lifestyle aspirations in mind
– Recommend a series of architects to put forward proposals from which the ultimate design is developed
– Put together a detailed and accurate costing and planning for the entire project
– Submit the building plans to the townhal for approval

Once approved, assemble the various professional teams and oversee the construction, fitting, decorating, landscaping and faultless handover within time and to budget and spec

It’s a big enough task list, but for investor clients we approach the land search with different criteria – looking for land that will be a suitable site to create an outstanding development of new villas and/or apartments. This is accompanied by even more detailed technical and qualitative reports, followed by a feasibility study and input on what would be the ideal property type, product and price range to produce and market.

Once this, along with a marketing and sales strategy has been agreed upon, architectural plans are ratified and planning permission obtained. Then the assembled teams will begin building work on what is by definition a larger-scale project in which timeframes and costs are even more stringently controlled, as this is not a private home but an investment requiring careful management to ensure a successful outcome.

This, quite apart from the diverse motives that have their own impact on decision-making when it comes to style and fitting, makes each of these ostensibly similar project types very different, endowing each with its own challenges, processes and rewards.

However, in both cases a company such as Move Project proves its worth time and again by saving its clients vital time, money, frustration and errors. Quite often, we’re the difference between a project gone astray and one completed according to plan!

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