Move Project

Why is now a good time to build your home in Marbella?

To start with, now is a good time to build your own property on the Costa del Sol. Why? Firstly, because the level and standard of professional support is far greater than ever before, ensuring that a) you don’t have to do it all alone and rely on less than expert people, and b) you don’t have to jump all the usual hurdles in relation to cost and time management.

The system of building your villa in Marbella is becoming increasingly sophisticated and advanced, allowing you to manage and monitor the design, construction and outfitting process more efficiently, while conducting your normal day to day business, even if you are abroad. It is therefore easier, quicker and more secure to build a private villa today in Marbella than it was even ten years ago.

“There are now expert companies such as our own that provide full accountable and transparent construction management throughout the process, orchestrating the many different teams, specialists and elements that come together to produce a modern Marbella home,” says Fabian Delle of Move Project. 

Cost, time and choice

Secondly, we’re in a time where the property market, particularly in a location such as the Costa del Sol, is performing strongly though not in an obvious bubble heading for overheating. The level of growth is therefore sustainable, and while the market moves in cycles we are now in a strong one in which prices are rising steadily.

This means your house will gain in value, and even more so because it will be a new, modern property, which is the most in-demand and therefore shows the greatest price growth. Land and building costs have gone up due to demand, although in construction a lot of the cost is offset by new technology, and therefore overall, the finished product gains even more value—so the balance is in your favour.

Moreover, Marbella is a market where many of the villa buyers want something special to move into and enjoy right away. So, whether you build in Marbella to sell or for your own use, you will be sitting on a good investment both short-term and long-term, as property prices have always shown a solid net increase when measured over time, down cycles included.

Moreover, the level of choice is greater than ever before, with new technologies and design trends making the building of your own home a highly creative process that can become the ultimate expression of your taste and lifestyle. While the time required for the completion of the project is dropping all the time, due to the efficiencies of new technologies and building techniques, so while in essence it is always a good time to build your home, the present moment is particularly appealing.

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