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What goes into property project management in Marbella?

When we think about property development we tend to focus on the end result, i.e. the property development itself, but there are many more stages in-between, and a lot of work and expertise needed before such a project is realised. How does the process begin? Fabian Delle, founder of Move Project in Marbella, explains the process.

“When we think about the end result we start with THE END IN MIND. What is the desired result – the dream home in this or that style or a commercially viable product that returns a multiplier of the invested capital. For this reason, in conceiving of a project, you start at the end, not the beginning.”

From this conceptual stage, the specifics begin to take shape, along with the financial picture, not so? “Indeed, we create a pre-project design with real-life budget examples based on our experience with other projects. We commission a design and think of everything, from purchasing and planning costs to professional fees, construction costs, interior design, landscaping and marketing commissions, to produce a clear indication of the overall investment. Then we produce a timeline and begin the licensing process.”

“When the project is defined in this way, we begin to tender once the construction project is confirmed, and then manage the build and finish of the property or development to spec. After this, we go to market.”

Do you only project-manage for large promoters and investment funds, or also for private investors and even individual clients who want to build their own villa?

“For larger developers we source projects and conduct pre-due diligence, using an IRR model to calculate the financial side of the development. In most cases, we work with commercial developers or owner/developers, who might build three villas and keep one.”

Most property projects begin with sourcing the right land. What are the things to look for when sourcing development land in the Marbella area?

“The 3 X LOCATION rule also applies in Marbella. Finding the right plot in terms of setting, views and nearby amenities ensures returns. However, the best returns are earned when one takes a greater risk and invests in niche products or less obvious areas.”

Do you help with the process of getting planning approval and building licences, and how does this work in broad terms?

“Obtaining planning permission for development projects in Marbella is a long-winded process. Since COVID, communication has become less personal and this means it is hard to stay on top of the town hall, but we work with the architect of the project to ensure we cover all the bases and expedite the process.”
“Between the project manager and the architect, we make follow-ups on various levels and use the different kinds of relationships we have. The architect has a more technical relationship and the project manager a more personal one, so often we liaise with the heads of departments directly.”

Do you provide feasibility studies for projects and use your local knowledge to help commercial clients define the ideal product offering/type, costing/pricing etc.?

“Yes, almost all projects start out with a feasibility study or an ROI analysis.”

Do you do the building yourself or does Move Project coordinate all the different parties involved, i.e. builders, architects, engineering firms, surveyors, lighting and electronic technicians, etc.?

“We are fully independent, and therefore have the freedom to represent our clients’ best interests and contract those professionals (such as lawyers and accountants), builders and also subcontractors, such as lighting and home automation technicians that are the best choice for the project.”
During the latter stages of the project, the emphasis shifts towards interior designers, landscapers and lawyers, as well as real estate agencies and marketing companies.”

It seems like a very responsible, stressful job. What is the most enjoyable or rewarding part?

“Rewarding is when one feels that the result is what the client was looking for and that all are proud of being part of the project.”

What sets Move Project apart in this niche field, and why should more people use professionals such as yourself?

“Most projects invariably do not follow a simple straight line. There are changes of plans, unforeseen circumstances and challenging situations that arise during the development phase, be it the building of a development in Marbella or of a single villa. This is when it is good to have a solid project management firm on your side that coordinates everything, holds it all together tightly and comes up with solutions while also keeping firm control of the timelines, budget and quality control.”

“We have a very good track record of helping private people and investors/developers that are not around all the time and need someone to look out for their interests here.”

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So, if you want to find the right location for your house: speak to us.

You need a reputable, expert lawyer and accountant: talk to us.

You would like a good designer and architect: We find one that suits your needs.

Move Project is an ideal partner because we manage your interests and answer only to you!