Move Project

What can Move Project do for you?

Move Project is a company dedicated to providing specialist services for construction projects, both private and larger-scale. We’re neither an estate agent nor a property developer in our own right, but work with private homeowners and small investors initiating the building of villa projects, as well as with developers and investment funds on larger projects such as gated villa communities, apartment complexes, office and retail space, and also student accommodation projects on the Costa del Sol and across Spain.

So what do we do exactly?
Well, actually we take care of everything – we work in a flexible, modular way, so we manage those parts of the project that our clients require, but are capable of managing the entire development process – from the earliest stages right up to the final completion.

Pre-development stages
When both private and corporate clients approach us with their plans for a development project, we listen to their needs and help them to develop a plan of action that includes finding suitable building plots and sites, using our know-how to assist them in defining the property to be designed and built, creating a study and of course acquiring the necessary documentation such as building permissions and licences.

Planning and management
We also assemble the teams required to realise a development project, be it a single villa or a large commercial project. This covers the architectural design, construction, engineering, landscaping and even interior styling, as well as commercialising agents responsible for marketing and sales. Once established, we will manage the entire process according to pre-established planning and budgets.

An important role
Since many of our clients are international, they rely on us to mediate, translate and also negotiate on their behalf with Spanish suppliers and local authorities, a role we undertake with complete diligence, transparency and on-going contact and reporting. For individual homebuilders and professional developers alike, working with a company you can rely on is of vital importance

Quality control and returns
We have built our name on the fact they can rely on us to deliver results, and when working for developers and funds we use the IRR (Internal Rate of Return) model, so investors know their budget and returns for the project.

Efficient management of this, as well as on-time delivery and stringent quality control are the core elements of our deliverables, and the reason why we have a proud portfolio of new and existing projects, including private homes, gated villa communities, apartment complexes, student accommodation and other commercial developments both regionally and across the country.

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