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Move Project to champion grassroots anti plastic bottle campaign in Marbella

To save our beautiful planet, humankind needs to take a serious collective look at itself, and take steps as individuals that will make a difference in the fight against climate change and the ongoing manmade destruction of our environment. Every small action taken by just one person can inspire others to follow, and along with hope and perseverance, eventually create a change within a community that will have a serious and positive effect. 

Move Project would like to invite all comers to join our team in taking a simple yet effective stand against the use of plastic in one of the most fundamental actions in life: drinking water. Fabian Delle, Move’s very own eco-warrior, is on a mission to inspire all Marbella residents to refuse plastic bottles as a container for water, in every part of their lives. In his opinion we should all use refillable bottles to take with us to work or to go out, and avoid the plastic bottles that are everywhere.

It’s easy to start at home. According to the Ministerio de Sanidad, the government agency that monitors the issue of water, 99.5% of the nation’s tap water is considered safe to drink. The authority confirms that approved public water complies with all international standards, including those specified by the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO). Therefore, unless you are one of the very unfortunate few, there really is no excuse for buying water in plastic bottles for home use.

“It’s a myth that you can’t drink water from the tap in Spain,” Delle says, “We need to eradicate that perception and encourage people in Marbella to choose tap water if the only other option is water in a plastic bottle.”

When socialising away from home in public establishments, it’s also time to only accept glass bottled water, or a glass of water from the tap. The statistics supplied by the Ministerio de Sanidad also offer the assurance that most Spanish eateries should also be able to provide potable water from their taps.

Fabian is now promoting a personal initiative to not accept water in any café, restaurant or bar in Marbella, if they only serve it from plastic containers. The challenge is:

  • To always ask for water in a glass bottle
  • If that is not available, ask for tap water and explain: “I would also pay for tap water rather than pay for water in a plastic bottle. We have to start somewhere, don’t we?”
  • Suggest that they could offer filtered tap water in a jug. Some restaurants already do…

“I’m hoping that if more people join me on this mission it will force places to only stock water in glass bottles, or to offer filtered tap water, thus helping to minimise the use of plastics whenever possible.”

For more information contact Fabian Delle at Move Project today. Let’s work together to keep our beautiful town clean and healthy.

Move Project works with environmentally conscious professionals from the property industry to create eco-friendly student housing and luxury private homes on the Costa del Sol.