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A perfect display: How to hang art in a luxury Marbella property

Marbella is home to a host of spectacular luxury villas, all built in various styles to exacting standards and within eras that reach back to the decadent 60’s, and on to the verge of the third decade of the new millennium. Marbella’s magnificent portfolio includes charming sprawling buildings in the traditional Andalusian style, as well as fascinating examples of contemporary modern architecture.

Artwork is often an integral part of a prestigious property, as paintings and sculptures will effectively complement and support both the interior design of a house and the landscape of a garden. The architectural style of a villa will normally determine which pieces of art are selected by a homeowner—and architecture can also influence how art is displayed in the home.

If you are searching for the perfect items to add additional beauty and interest to your home, it is advisable to work with a professional art dealer who can assist in many ways, particularly with displaying art. They can also offer guidelines to consider, so that you avoid inappropriate purchases that don’t suit the character of your house, or are an unsuitable size for their intended hanging space.

Contemporary modern properties
The uber modern villas being built today will at some point in the future be considered retro in style. New technologies will always ensure that the materials we use, and the home automation systems we desire, will continue to change what is presently considered contemporary and chic.

Luxury modern homes in Marbella are presently built with high ceilings, large windows and expansive open plan living rooms. They are often designed using the traditional white of Andalucía and constructed to receive the ultimate amount of daylight, with panoramic views of the Costa del Sol’s rural countryside and the Mediterranean Sea.

The large spaces and natural light in these buildings provide fantastic settings in which to display artwork. As the general background is clean and simple, the choice of art suitable for a modern property is varied and you will be spoilt for choice. Pieces with a geometric design will work inline with the architecture, whereas items created using fabric and other materials with texture will provide an interesting contrast. Interior designers will usually recommend that contemporary art is framed by a significant amount of white space so that it is elevated and stands out.

Traditional Andalusian style properties
This glamorous architectural style is influenced by several periods in history, from the region’s Romano-Moorish roots to its Baroque and Gothic flourishing details. Many villas constructed in the traditional Andalusian style are located within the rural countryside surrounding Marbella and its neighbouring towns on the coast. This landscape is the perfect backdrop for these beautiful homes, which are now often painted in tan and terracotta colours and emit an authentic Mediterranean character.

Among the many likeable features of these properties are the courtyards and terraces distributed throughout their living environment, which provide delightful additional living spaces for occupants. These outdoor areas can provide a wall, corner or large nook ideal to feature sculptures and other artwork. The architecture of such villas works well in art with bohemian, colourful and rustic flavours.

The benefits of working with an art dealer:
Consult with a respected local art dealer in the early stages of your project—this could be one of your most beneficial working partnerships in the design of your new home. A good art dealer can:

1. Professionally assess your house and your preferences in art
2. Source suitable artists that create work to suit your taste and your home
3. Provide advice on how to light and display art
4. Provide professionals to hang artwork
5. Arrange for artwork to be staged in your villa before purchase to ensure the pieces are the right choice
6. Recommend local artists if your intention is to support local talents

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