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Puesta Bandera: flying the flag for positive building developments

As in many areas of Spanish culture and daily life, there are traditions within the property industry that signify good tidings or a forthcoming celebration that is likely to involve fun and eating good food. The Puesta Bandera is one of the oldest and most endearing, a cheerful ceremony surrounding placing a flag on top of a building to indicate a significant landmark has been reached in its overall structure.

Roughly translated, Puesta Bandera means ‘the setting of the flag’ and it signifies that the construction has reached a point where the overall structure of the building has been completed. The origins of the tradition date back to the Middle Ages, when wooden scaffolding was used around churches built from stone, thus creating dangerous situations whenever there were bad weather conditions.

One solution to avoid disasters was to place a piece of cloth or flag at the highest point of the structure, so that builders and stonemasons could keep a close eye on changing wind conditions, and thus avoid accidents.

From it’s early days as a health and safety measure, the Puesta de Bandera also grew into a practice that would communicate to the world that the most difficult and important phase of the works had been completed. Another positive meaning developed down the years, when the flag was also used as a sign to proclaim that no one had been hurt during the building works.

The custom is no longer as commonplace as it was in the past, when it was applied to practically all new buildings, no matter what their end use was. However, developers within the Spanish property business often use the tradition to celebrate with their team and clients at the end of an important phase, or upon completion of a new villa.

A Puesta Bandera picnic or barbeque is the perfect way for modern developers of residential real estate to entertain owners of a soon to be finished property, as customers can now see that delivery of their new home is imminent.

Move Project was fortunate to be part of a special Puesta Bandera within the prestigious development Cascada de Camoján in Marbella. The festivities were enjoyed by every element of the hard working team involved in creating the incredible villa, where lawyers and marketing professionals celebrated alongside builders, interior designers and architects.

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