Move Project

Move Project collaborates with Downing on student housing in Spain

Move Project has been working alongside UK developers Downing on real estate projects for over fifteen years, and the company is currently involved in all Downing projects that are undertaken in Spain. Starting out in construction with small schemes in the UK in the 1980s, the Downing business empire now encompasses over £1 billion of successfully completed projects.

The prestigious property developer is now acknowledged as one of the most influential firms within the British student housing sector. Downing has built a portfolio of ‘inspirational student accommodation and facilities’ in many university cities across the UK, including Liverpool, Manchester and London.

The key to the success of each educational operation lies within the working partnership of the three divisions of the Downing business: property development, construction and management. This approach allows the company to apply its specialist experience and skills to ensure quality and value in an area where other developers often fall short.

“We are proud of our Downing Students brand that has become a hallmark for high-quality, well-managed, innovative developments, which offer outstanding pastoral care,” says Simon Garnett, Finance Director of Downing.

Move Project will now collaborate with Downing within the student housing and communal living divisions of the Spanish property market, a sector that needs attention, care and thoughtful planning.

Using the successful template of Downing schemes from the UK, the alliance will offer new ways of providing modern housing for students and young professionals. The shared living quarters will provide much-needed affordable accommodation that will be beautifully designed in a cool, modern and functional style.

“We are happy to work on student housing projects in Spain as we know the obstacles we face, and have a team of specialists that we trust and can consult with, during each phase of every development” said Move Project’s Managaing Director, Fabian Delle.

Move Project is a development consulting business highly regarded for its work within the high-end sector of Marbella’s real estate market. The company is a champion of innovative building programmes in every field of the industry and will be applying this knowledge to provide economical yet stylish housing for students and young workers.