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Energy saving tips for your home

In an increasingly eco-friendly featured world, it’s surprising what a few changes around the home can do to improve the state of the environment and your bank balance too.

Here are four simple things you can do to get started:

– Change to LED bulbs. You can reduce your energy bills by an estimated 70€ per year simply by changing your old light bulbs, which may still be in the property, to the LED ones. Other benefits of LED include: long life – LED lights last approximately 11 years, and that is if left on continuously; eco-friendliness – LED bulbs are made of non-toxic materials and are usually recyclable; extreme temperature resistance – they perform better than traditional light bulbs in both hot and cold conditions.

– Fit thermostats. Turn down the temperature on the thermostat by as little as one degree centigrade and your heating bills could be reduced by as much as 85€ per year. Don’t forget to turn down electric radiators in rarely used rooms and programme them to turn off more often.

– Cut out drafts. Heat can escape and cold can enter from under the door, between the windowpanes, up the chimney and through floorboards or keyholes. You can save energy by using draft excluder strips around door and window frames as well as brush strips or hinged flap draft excluders on doors. If you don’t use your chimney, fit a cap over the top of the chimney to stop drafts from entering your home.

– Energy efficient appliances. Choosing the most energy-efficient appliances will not only save you money when it comes to bills, it can also reduce carbon emissions. Keep an eye out for energy-efficient hot water boilers. And when replacing your home appliances, opt for the most energy-efficient versions. Once you stop wasting energy with old-fashioned appliances, you should also notice quite a difference when it comes to paying your bills.

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