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Marbella committed to continued community initiatives

Marbella already has a solid platform of first class facilities, cultural activities and attractive urban projects that contribute significantly to the engaging lifestyle that can be found here. Authorities working in the local town hall have been committed for many years to initiatives, which consistently raise the bar of the local infrastructure and delightful public spaces that exist here.

No council department or private business with an interest in maintaining Marbella’s reputation as a fantastic destination will ever become complacent in respect to what the area has to offer visitors and residents. Supported by EU, regional and national government funding, all underpinned by the resources of passionate individuals, the resort town continues to look to improve amenities and provide activities of interest.

Forthcoming developments will include the regeneration of the area around Marbella’s lighthouse, which is being adapted as a centre for cultural and tourism purposes. The enterprise will include creating an outdoor exhibition venue, a marine museum and seafront areas replete with pergolas, gardens, waterfalls and seating.

Watersports are a prominent feature in the list of outdoor activities that can be undertaken along Marbella’s coastline and inland lakes, and kitesurfing is one of the most popular. The local council has recently agreed, in principle, to a proposal from Marbella Kite Club for providing a designated area for kitesurfing on Los Monteros beach. As with similar community schemes on the Costa del Sol, plans for the zone include the building of appealing wooden walkways, showers and drying racks, and helpful signage relating to safety and weather conditions.

Finally, for car enthusiasts, The Yiannimize Grand Tour is coming to Marbella, an event organised by a car customiser with many a rich and famous person on his client list. The tour will see a collection of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches and Bugattis taking a seven-day journey in late June, leaving from Marbella and travelling through Valencia, Barcelona, Geneva and Paris, before ending in London. The link between Marbella and the luxury car industry is obvious, and the town is a natural fit to host the start of the tour.

Move Project is a development management business that operates in the high quality, innovative sector of Marbella’s real estate market. The company is part of the professional network of local businesses committed to ensuring that Marbella stays at the top of the list of prestigious locations in Europe, a place that offers tourists and homeowners the most perfect of lifestyles.

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