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Contemporary home gym and spa facilities improve lifestyle and wellbeing

If you have access to a private gym at home it can be a great incentive to embark on a healthier lifestyle, and it certainly helps avoid the necessity of exercising en mass with strangers and enviably fitter looking people. Many homes within the upper segment of Marbella’s luxury property market are built or renovated today to include professional gyms with the latest.

These private gymnasiums have been heading out of the basement in recent years as modern architects designing homes on the Costa del Sol appreciate the advantages of installing them in rooms with large windows. Sunlight is a basic element of good health and if you can run on the treadmill whilst looking at a view of the Andalusian countryside your spirits will soar and your determination will be strengthened.

Building designs in this sector of the real estate market are now consistently providing home pampering facilities in addition to those that demand a thorough work out. These indoor and external spaces combine state of the art facilities with Feng Shui logic to provide the ultimate comforts in life to benefit an individual’s well being.

High end private villas in Marbella are now being built to include the ultimate level in luxury gym and beauty amenities normally only seen in five-star holiday resorts. Houses will often include salt water infinity plunge pools that overlook zen like gardens and outdoor spa areas that can be enjoyed in the sunshine.

Occupants of these luxurious modern homes will have daily access to first class facilities offering the ultimate in healthy lifestyles and the ideal surroundings in which to boost calmness and feelings of contentment.

The team at Move Project works closely alongside established professionals within Marbella’s luxury real estate sector to create five-star contemporary properties on the Costa del Sol. Contact Move Project today for information about real estate developments and bespoke villas designed to include the latest state of the art facilities for home gyms, saunas and spas.