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Healthy home, healthy environment, healthy lifestyle!

In recent years significant progress has been made within the field of sustainable architecture, and the concept that a house can be designed to offer healthier living for human beings as well as the environment. Research has shown that giving consideration to the impact working practices have on the planet when building a house, will result in health benefits for the occupants too.

Developers striving to create a home that is eco-friendly will consider each aspect of the design and build process, and how every element can help improve life. From incorporating a zero waste policy on the construction site to ensuring a property has good acoustics, there are endless steps that can be taken to improve the environmental wellness of a building.

Materials are one of the largest areas where caring for our natural surroundings also creates a healthier place to live. Architects can now insist upon the use of non-toxic materials and products, including paints and even furniture, thus helping to reduce climate change whilst benefiting sleeping patterns too.

Energy consumption is an important factor in sustainable architecture and decreasing its use within a villa will produce less dangerous emissions, leading to an increase in the comfort of the person who lives there. This can be partly achieved by the installation of efficient lighting, and sourcing home appliances that require less power and are more positive for the environment. On a structural scale larger savings can be gained by ensuring an architectural design will consistently maximise the use of organic ventilation and daylight.

Natural sunlight makes a considerable contribution to a person’s wellbeing and so windows should always be positioned to capture and enhance every ray. The use of solar panels is always ecologically sound, but the panels utilised in this form of power production are not always aesthetically pleasing, and the luxury property industry is looking for advances in their design.

Move Project is involved in the development of beautiful, smart homes that utilise innovative materials and building designs to provide the healthiest possible homes for their owners.These unique and luxurious properties are built with great consideration to the environment and are an important part of the prestigious real estate market in Marbella.

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