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The gardens of Ibáñez: architecture and landscapes working in harmony

Jesús Ibáñez has been described as “the man who designs the most beautiful gardens in the world.” When you view his green and engaging work, you can understand why. A former mason from the province of Palencia, the Spanish landscaper has excelled at the highest level of garden design and brings artistry and elegance to the outdoor spaces of every development he helps create.

Over the past three decades the art of landscaping has become more important within the luxury real estate sector. In years past, the layout of a garden was given less credence than the house that it surrounded, yet today the external areas of luxury properties are considered as crucial as the interior design itself.

Concepts for Ibáñez’s work are influenced by the architectural style of the buildings within each development; for example, a contemporary villa is likely to inspire him to use clean and geometric lines. In addition, each garden he designs will take much inspiration from the natural geography of its setting and the indigenous vegetation of the local region.

“You have to know how to work in favor of nature,” Ibáñez has stated, and he will happily plant coconut trees around a Caribbean property or use minimalist sculptures to decorate an urban city park.

Not a man devoted to an abundance of colourful blooms, Jesús Ibáñez would rather create a landscape with just a few species of plants, highlighting the shape and height of the integral spaces within the garden’s design.

“I always look for the green to manage the garden. I like only the punctual touches of color, paced with the seasons. I flee from the excess of flowers,” he says.

Ibáñez’s botanical creations are now present across the world and he has undertaken projects in exotic places from Miami to Dubai and Morocco. On the Costa del Sol, his green fingers have blessed projects in Marbella and Sotogrande, utilising the beautiful Andalusian countryside and coast of the Mediterranean Sea to frame his gardens.

Move Project is a development consulting business that manages teams of professionals from the real estate industry to create unique properties on the Costa del Sol. The company has worked alongside Jesús Ibáñez on luxury developments in Marbella and has found his incredible landscapes to be an essential component of the overall design of each prestigious project.

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