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Home automation systems: innovative, safe AND simple? It’s how you use them

What’s the most likely emotion that someone would feel in anticipation of using their brand new home automation system? Incredulous wonder at the awesome technology before them? A feeling of warmth and security? Or is it more likely a self satisfied calmness at how easy it all is?

As most people are sold the idea of installing a domotics system in their house based on the concept of convenience, you would expect it to be the latter. In reality though, it should be a combination of all three. Yes, householders want simple domotics but the systems can provide simplicity and safety because they are so innovative.

Broadly speaking there are three levels to smart home automation that command the essential workings of a house:

– M&E system that monitors and evaluates elements such as hot water, air conditioning and underfloor heating
– Control system to automate lighting and blinds
– Control system to automate audio and video equipment

When these technologies are in action they are galvanised by a variety of domotic systems, all programmed individually to act upon specific criteria, tailormade for the household in question. The homeowner thinks that by switching a light on, or pressing a button, the device that they want to work is activated by that small action. In reality, the light switch or remote control sends a signal to a computer, which tells it to ‘switch the light on’ and the computer then activates the electrical circuit.

Such systems will, via the use of cameras and motion detectors, make your home safer as they can provide you with the ability to view every external and internal space of your property, at any time, no matter where your location may be.
Innovation then continues to step in with technology that will ‘answer’ a doorbell and elicit a response to give the impression that someone is present and inside the property. As home automation can be customised, the innovative aspects of the system can be as extensive as you want.

So the convenience, innovation and safety factors of a home automation system can be summed up in just one flick of a switch—and as they are set up to work at optimal levels of energy efficiency, on top of these factors they are environmentally friendly too.

Move Project works in collaboration with professionals from the luxury sector of the property industry on unique projects situated in and around Marbella. Home automation systems are now an everyday element in the design and construction of villas on the Costa del Sol and are considered an important facility within this exclusive segment of the real estate market.