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Contemporary architecture: from Lloyd Wright to modern Marbella

Although his more fantastical buildings are those most likely to be recognised by the general public, the working ethos of Frank Lloyd Wright has inspired architecture for decades—and is also present within the contemporary properties of today.

Lloyd Wright‘s work was formed by certain factors and building practices that were then adopted by the general property industry and led to shaping the way people lived in the 20th Century. The legendary American architect would consider the natural environment of the project before him as being integral to his final vision of the property, and as important as the materials and methods used to create it.

Throughout a long career Frank Lloyd Wright became famous for such iconic creations as the Guggenheim Museum in New York, but architects later adopted and applied his creative thinking to build homes for everyday living. He worked both as a master builder and a creative interior designer, and championed the importance of using skilled artisans and quality furnishings, as well as innovative technology that would benefit daily life.

In Marbella’s exclusive real estate market there is lots of scope to allow yourself to be inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic creations, and many are.

The architect Maurice Sáinz is greatly inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and believes that building design should start with a “perception borne of gazing at our surroundings” and then utilising the analysis of the details that are observed. His practice Estudio MS, which has worked on many successful developments in Marbella, believes “an architectural project should always be pleasing to the eye and pleasant to live in”.

Move Project has worked alongside Maurice Sáinz on five-star real estate projects in Marbella such as Villa El Bosque, situated within Santa Margarita, one of the most desired residential locations on the Costa del Sol. The building, a contemporary beachfront family villa, was beautifully styled using superior materials and features innovative home automation technology providing the ultimate in luxury living. It is a fine example of the work of Sáinz, a contemporary architect who draws inspiration from the pioneering early modern architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.

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