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Lighting design: important to health and the environment

The lighting industry is currently experiencing a great evolution in fashion styles and forward thinking technologies. Alongside the fabulously varied designs in light fittings available to architects and designers, strong consideration can now also be given to how lighting affects the planet and the health of people.

It is reassuring when there is not only a very wide choice of eye-catching lamp shades on the market but also different light sources that will improve a person’s well-being. Lighting is a highly important element of any sustainable property design as it makes a large impact on the energy consumption of any building.

Natural light is normally the best source for any room or person, and an architect will always take measures to include large windows and skylights wherever possible when designing a home. However, it is not always possible to utilise daylight, even during the daytime, and for stylish rooms and homes in the dark this new wave of friendly lighting is a great advantage.

Previously, the only real options available to the eco-conscious for the lighting of a home was the use of unattractive curlicue CFLs, yet this has all changed with the new ranges of LED lights on the market now.

As people begin to focus more on health, it’s good to know that lighting design can be as kind as it is stylish.

The new wave of LED lights:

  • LED lights are now available in varying acrylic modules that can be used in different collective structures to create an infinite amount of different shaped lighting fixtures
  • Glass LED bulbs are available in different shapes and the trend is to use them ‘naked’ and without a shade
  • LED strip lighting for use under work benches and in difficult corners
  • Replicas of incandescent bulbs using LED design and materials that look as attractive as the old-fashioned type but don’t use same amount of energy

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